The Jedi Temple and Council Chamber

The headquarters of the Jedi order, the Jedi Temple on Coruscant looms above Imperial City, standing out distinctively above the dense cityscape. This great religious building houses the finest minds and highest authorities of the Jedi, whose far-traveling Knights guard peace and justice throughout the galaxy.

Yoda and the other high Jedi Masters meet in the Jedi Council Chamber, atop the Spire of the Jedi Temple. In this hallowed room is exchanged the knowledge and wisdom of the wisest Jedi, and it is here that their most important decisions must be considered.

Reaching into the uppermost levels of Imperial City is the spire that strikes heavenward from the Jedi Temple. This needle juts into rarefied atmosphere to support the Jedi Council Chamber, where the high Jedi Masters hold special meetings.

From the rim of the Jedi Council Chamber high atop the Jedi Temple, a balcony offers breathtaking views over the fantastic cityscape of Imperial City. From here the Jedi Masters can privately discuss important matters facing the Council.