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The seat of galactic government for as long as records have existed, Coruscant is the jewel of the Core Worlds and the center of the known universe. Nearly all of the planet's land is covered by an unending, multileveled megalopolis whose foundations were laid at the beginning of the Old Republic, more than a thousand generations ago. It is located in the Sesswenna Sector.

Kilometer-high skyscrapers-some extending to the lower fringes of the atmosphere-and numerous spaceports cover the capital, Imperial City. The Imperial Palace, built as the headquarters of Emperor Palpatine, is taller than any other structure on the planet including the neighboring Senate building and the imposing Jedi Temple, site of the Jedi Council Chamber. The Palace is said to be an impregnable fortress, with some areas decorated by the Emperor with patterns based on ancient Sith hieroglyphics.

The lowest, darkest levels of Imperial City were abandoned long ago and are now home to wrecked equipment, countless vermin and subhuman beings moving through the shadows. Above all else, Coruscant is a potent symbol, the center of power, authority, and order, and whoever controls it is perceived as the rightful successor to galactic rule.