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What species is Yoda; I know not. Yoda; the mysterious, perpetual fortune cookie. Probably the most uniquely humorous character in the entire Star Wars Universe. Every thing he has said is a quotable quote on its own. From the inanely insane, "Help you I can", to the wise "Try not; do, or do not; there is no try." to the witty yet sage "Always with you what cannot be done." he, on his own, personifies the Star Wars Trilogy; in his humour, in his wit, in his wisdom and in his knowledge; and in the force... he is The Jedi. He is the Star Wars Trilogy personified.

Yoda is the last of the Jedis. He is in a self imposed exile on the swamp planet of Dagobah. it is almost as though he is in waiting for the first in the new line of Jedis to come out of the defeat of the Empire; Luke Skywalker. To train Luke is Yodas only aim in life. and he almost succeeds... but, impatient as Luke is, he must leave his training at Dagobah, to save his friends at Cloud City, Bespin. He returns, but a little too late. Yoda is ready to die; and will be unable to complete Luke's training...


voice by Frank Oz

Performing Assistant Kathryn Mullen

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