"Oka pokachingo bah!"

A singing Ewok!

Wicket and the Ewoks

Wicket played by Warwick Davis

Only about one meter tall, the straightforward, even simple two-legged beings known as Ewoks are the antithesis of a high-technology culture. They are tribal and still use bows and arrows, slingshots and catapults as primary weapons. But through intense teamwork, and with a keen understanding of their environment and how to work with it to their best advantage, Ewoks have acumen and skills that cannot be replaced by high technology.

Ewok language is liquid and expressive, and not that difficult to speak for other species. Most tribe members are hunters and gatherers who live in clustered villages built high in hardy and long-living conifer trees, or life-trees. Ewok religion is centered around these giant trees, which legends refer to as guardian spirits. Each village plants a new seedling for each Ewok baby born, then nurtures it as it grows. Throughout their lives, each Ewok is linked to his or her "totem tree," and when they die, Ewoks believe that their spirits go to live in their totem trees. Ewoks believe that their village shamans can communicate with the oldest and wisest trees in time of crisis.

From a life-tree's bark, Ewoks distill a natural insect repellent. From fallen trees they make weapons, clothing, furniture and cooking implements. During the day, Ewoks descend from their high huts to hunt and forage on the forest floor. At night, they leave the forest to huge carnivores. Ewoks are curious and frequently get into trouble by being too nosy. They also love to hear and tell stories and are very musical, especially enjoying communal singing and dancing. And they are inventive, using natural materials to build everything from water-wheels to flying wings.

The Ewoks, the most common sentient species on Endor, usually make their communal dwellings high in the trees. Called "life-trees" by the Ewoks, they can reach heights of 1,000 meters and the Ewoks consider them spiritual guardians.

Music plays an important role in Ewok village culture, which is marked by a rigid clan system. Ewoks are skilled engineers (among their inventions are gliders and catapults), and each tribe has a shaman who interprets mystical signs.

A natural enemy are the 30-meter high humanoid creatures called Gorax, who search the trees for Ewok dwellings low enough to grab. One Ewok tribe has built a floating lake-top village far from where the Gorax roam.

Wicket helps the Rebel forces during the monumental Battle of Endor. Wicket W. Warrick is the youngest son of Ewoks Shodu and Deej. Wicket has always shown a greater-than-usual curiosity to explore the unknown.

When Imperials first come to Endor, the Ewoks are alarmed. Many want to declare war on them, but the Ewok leader, Chief Chirpa, reminds them that their spears couldn't hurt the Imperial fortresses, and that the invaders have machines that can fly through the air or burn the forests. But one night, as the villagers gather around the fires, young Wicket recounts how he had witnessed an AT-ST "walker" stumble on the rocks, fall, and explode. So the Ewoks do have a way to fight back, and they start preparing for battle.

While on a foraging expedition, Wicket comes across an unconscious Princess Leia Organa, who has been thrown off a speeder bike during a chase with Biker Scouts. Although she initially spooks him, Wicket senses her innate goodness. He returns with her to the village, only to find that Leia's companions have been captured in an Ewok hunting net.

Even though Wicket pleads their case to Chief Chirpa, it takes some Jedi tricks from Luke Skywalker to free the rebels. Wicket then is a major factor in convincing the tribe to help the Rebels try to blow up the shield generator protecting the second Death Star.