Princess Leia Organa

LEIA_ROTJ3.JPG (22037 bytes)played by Carrie Fisher

Princess Leia Organa. Or Leia Skywalker. Or, later still, Princess Leia Organa Solo. The adopted daughter of Bail Organa of Alderaan. Call her what you may, but she is probably the most unpredictable character in the Star Wars Universe. At times whining; complaining at others; yet commanding, caring and in control at all times. I guess the whining and complaining runs in the family (read Luke!!). I guess the prequels will tell how her mother was. I hope she wasn't a whiner too!!!

Leia is an integral piece of the back-bone of the Rebel Alliance. She is a tactical commander; and is in a key position in every operation. She was the youngest member of the Galactic Senate before it was dissolved by the Emperor. Then as the Empire began to rise; she along with a few other key people started the Rebel Alliance; against the Rule By Fear principle of the Empire.

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