Death Star II

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After the destruction of the first Death Star, the Emperor ordered the construction of a second planet-destroying space station even larger than the first. Assembled in orbit around the emerald moon of Endor, the second Death Star is protected by an energy shield projected from the planet surface below. This titanic weapon is only part of an insidious plan to draw the Rebels into doomed combat, for the Death Star's incomplete structure hides its full operational capabilities, and it is a giant trap waiting to fatally ensnare the Rebel Fleet.

But, the Rebels had other ideas; with Admiral Ackbar in command in his Mon Calamari Cruiser. On seeing that it was a trap, Ackbar first signalled for a retreat. But Lando Calrissian, piloting the Millenium falcon, had faith in Han Solo and his team on the Endor moon, who were at that moment fighting a battle to get Death Star's shield down. Lando persuaded Ackbar to stick around a while longer; and boy, did that pay off! Soon enough, the shield was down; and the second Death Star was history...