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Jar Jar Binks

played by Ahmed Best

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An amphibious Gungan native to Naboo, Jar Jar is a luckless exile from his home city, Otoh Gunga. He now lives in the swamps, where he survives on his own, eating raw shellfish and other such swamp fare. His long muscular tongue helps him to scoop mollusks out of their shells and tasty gumbols out of their tree burrows. During invasion of Naboo, Qui-Gon Jinn runs into  and rescues Jar Jar. The simple Gungans sense og honor binds him to Qui-Gon for the rest of his life, even though the Jedi would much rather do without him at first.

Jar Jar had been banished from his city because he had accidently flooded Boss Nass's mansion and several adjoining bubbles while working as a waiter in a first-class party. This was neither Jar Jar's first offense; nor his first flooding accident! So the Boss got furious and banished him from Otoh Gunga.


Boss Nass misinterprets Jar Jar's connections with the newly-favored Naboo royalty as maturity and makes him general in the Gungan Grand Army. As expected he panics in combat, falls off his mount, and instantly surrenders when surrounded. The Gungans win anyway, and Boss Nass in none the wiser!

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