Although sparsely populated, the small planet of Naboo is home to two distinct advanced civilizations which have created beautiful cities. The large regions of Naboo that are devoid of inhabitants offer sweeping vistas and breathtaking scenery. The few cities of the Naboo people look as though they were constructed to enhance the natural beauty of the landscape.

The people of Naboo have prospered under the security of the Republic, advancing their society without concern for outside threats. Naboo is governed by an elected sovereign, a Governor, and an Advisory Council residing in the Royal Palace in the capital city of Theed. The Naboo live in the cities and villages that are thinly scattered on the main landmass of their planet. A love of art is deeply seated in Naboo culture, taking such forms of grand architecture and elaborate clothing fashions. The Naboo regard their refined way of life as a birthright, but they will find that it is a luxury that they will have to defend.

The planet is geologically unique, and its puzzling structure remains a mystery even to the few planetologists who have studied it. Whereas most planets present a magma core and a rocky crust, Naboo is rather a very ancient planetary body which lacks a molten core. Large solid bodies of rock, thousands of miles in diameter, are surrounded by an immense honeycomb structure. This cave-filled rock formation pervades much of the planet's interior, all the way to the surface, where it creates innumerable swampy lakes between the interior land masses and the open seas. These swamps, traditionally avoided by the Naboo people, are populated by bizarre creatures.