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Wedge Antilles

played by Dennis Lawson

Wedge Antilles is probably one of the most under-rated character of the Star Wars trilogy. Featuring in two of the three movies he is a key figure in destroying Death Star I as well as Death Star II. It is amazing how he is left out in most accounts of the battles. He was also a key figure in delaying the Imperial attack of the Rebel Base at Hoth. He implemented Luke Skywalker's idea of using the harpoon on the snowspeeder to sort of, 'trip' the AT-AT Walkers. He succeeded as he always does; and the evacuation of Echo Base was successful.

A lesser known fact about Wedge is that he is supposed to be the owner of R2-D2 and C3-P0 before they were sent to Tatooine with the Death Star plans by Princess Leia.

After the destruction of the Death Star I, Wedge was given command of his own fleet. He is supposed to be proficient in ship design as well.