A left-over titan from a forgotten mining era long ago, the Jawa sandcrawler patrols the deserts and wastelands of Tatooine in search of metal salvage and minerals. Serving as home to an entire clan of Jawas, the mobile sandcrawler makes its rounds across wide territory over the course of a year, hunting for the wrecks that dot Tatooine's surface from spaceship crashes through centuries past. Jawas also round up stray droids, junked vehicles and unwanted metal of any kind from settlements and moisture farmers. Pitted and scoured by numberless sandstorms, the sandcrawler serves the Jawas as transportation, workshop, travelling store and safe protection from the menaces of Sand People (Tusken Raiders) and desert monsters.

Many sandcrawlers used by the Jawa clans were built long ago during a mining boom on Tatooine, before the settlers arrived. The fleet of sandcrawlers ranged throughout the uncharted territories, encountering fearsome desert creatures and pursuing the valuable minerals found on the salt flats and dune fields. As the years passed it was discovered that the most valuable minerals were found only on the surface. The mining era faded and Jawas took over the abandoned sandcrawlers.