Rep Teers

Rulers of the Otoh Gunga, the largest lake city, Boss Nass is a stern, old-fashiioned Gungan who speaks Galactic Basic with a strong accent. He commands great authority even in communities beyond the Otoh Gunga and has grown large and prosperous in his advancing years. It is in Boss Nass's powers alone to summon the Gungan Grand Army, which is made up of Gungans from all settlements.

 A fair but stubborn ruler, Boss Nass resents the arrogance of the Naboo, who regard Gungans as primitive simply because they do not embrace a technological lifestyle. He finds it best all around to minimize contact with humans.

When Queen Amidala finds the courage  to beg Boss Nass for help, he is deeply impressed and changes his views as well.

Rep Teers is the adviser to Boss Nass.