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John Williams and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Well you should have seen the J Williams concert at Ravinia, Chicago I just got back from! It was packed... there was barely place to sit in the lawn; and the stadium seating had been booked a few weeks ago!

He started with a lot of old favorites (Jaws, Schindler, Jurassic Park, etc). The show was to end with the TPM with The Flag Parade, Anakin's Theme and finally Duel of Fates. They were excellent; though there was no chorus to Duel of Fates ( I thought they should have let the fans in the crowd sing that!).

But the audience was amazing! People in Star Wars t-shirts; even the Chicago Force team (who lined up outside McClurg Ct Theatre downtown) were all in SW gear... someone even had a Maul Lightsabre. It was an amazing atmosphere. After everybody finished clapping at the end he made an encore performance with the Main Theme form Star Wars. You should have seen all us fans. Almost in tears; it was amazing. We didn't know he was gonna play it.. and then suddenly, they all sat down and started.... it was GREAT!
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