Create your own Star Wars Site!

It's simple, really! Just follow the steps below (in order!) and you'll have a pretty good site up and running!

  1. First of all, you need a theme. A pure theme. You shouldn't just have a general star wars site with 10 pictures, 10 sounds and a few downloads. No. Those don't work. What works is a good theme. Think of something special, unique. Something that would catch people's attention. You can have an entire site devoted to the behaviour of the Tusken Raiders; and if it's good enough, it'll work!
  2. If you do go in for a general theme (like I have), then your site has to be complete. When I say complete, I mean COMPLETE! It should have everything! If it is about Darth Maul; put in everything about the character, about the actor, pictures, sounds, video clips... EVERYTHING!
  3. Now once you have a theme (I am assuming you have content too!) you need space. So I would also suggest you take a look at Tripod (what I use), FortuneCity (pretty good, 20MB!), Geocities and Angelfire for their great services; if not the amount of space provided.