About Me


Hi, I'm Devanshu Mehta; the creator of this massive tribute to Star Wars. I live in India;  and am a HUGE Star Wars fan. Though it's difficult to be in touch with Star Wars news and stuff, lately I've found the Internet to be a good source for the same. So I thought, why not make a one stop Star Wars database for the millions of others out there. So I set out to make a site for everyone. A site with all the things about Star Wars you can imagine and more.

I'm 19 years old and am doing Computer engineering in a town called Baroda in India. I have a Web designing Firm called MIND (MehtaInterNetDesign). My other interests include music, computers, books (Asimov or Douglas Adams, anyone?), sports (cricket, basketball), among other things

Please write to me with feedback, suggestions, requests or even criticism. If something you are looking for is not on this site, it doesn't mean I don't have it. It just means I have limited server space. So please request ANYTHING you want, and I'll try to accomodate. Just write to me at thrawn@thejedi.com or in my guest book.

Thanks and 'May the Force be with you.'