Biker Scouts

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Within the dense forest terrain of Endor, Imperial scout troopers patrol the vicinity of the Imperial shield generator and its garrison, providing security for the second Death Star under construction high above. The thick underbrush of the forest moon makes most vehicles impractical on Endor, although AT-STs and even AT-AT walkers are utilized in cleared areas surrounding the shield generator. For wider-ranging security patrol, biker scouts provide ideal coverage.

Biker Scouts ride high-velocity speeder bikes, hovering above the trackless forest floor on turbine repulsorlifts. These reconnaissance craft provide excellent maneuverability through the difficult Endor trees. Guidance plates on the front control vanes of the bikes provide valuable but limited assistance in avoiding the trees at high speeds.

Endor lances (four soldiers and their sergeant) are split into groups of two bikes each, with the sergeant providing back patrol and coordination. Each lance covers an assigned area that fans out from the shield generator in all directions.

Each scout is ordered to make continuous sensor scans and report in every 30 minutes. In the event of contact with an intruder, each scout is under orders to avoid conflict. They are required to get clear of the area so that a complete report can be made, even if this means abandoning a partner.