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The gas giant Bespin is located along the Ison Corridor, in the Churba Sector, a natural spacelane just off the Corellian Trade Spine. A lightly-traveled world with twin moons, vast Bespin swirls with fantastic cloud formations and endless sky. The rare and valuable Tibanna gas drifts through the exotic atmosphere, and high above the clouds floats the fantastic gas mining colony of Cloud City.

A huge floating city, it is suspended about 60,000 kilometers above the core of the gas giant Bespin. The city's main industry is mining Tibanna gas, but under Baron Administrator Lando Calrissian, Cloud City has become a resort with casinos, luxury hotels and shops.

The cityscape has a rounded, decorative look with tall towers and large plazas. The city is 16 kilometers in diameter and 17 kilometers tall, including the huge unipod that hangs beneath. It has 392 levels and a surface plaza concourse. Upper levels house resorts and casinos, while middle levels are for heavy industry and worker housing. Lower levels are the site of the Tibanna gas processing facilities and the 3,600 repulsorlift engines that anchor the city in place. A central wind tunnel nearly a kilometer in diameter channels wind gusts to give the city some stability.

Cloud City is the destination of Han Solo and his passengers aboard the Millennium Falcon after their escape from an Imperial task force. In this ethereal realm, Han Solo arrives with the Millennium Falcon in search of an old friend: Lando Calrissian, a former con-man and smuggler who may offer safe haven to the beleaguered fugitives. But sanctuary on Bespin may be as illusory as its gossamer clouds.