Chewbacca's Bandolier

CHEWY.JPG (82042 bytes)The giant Wookiee Chewbacca wears as his only article of clothing a bandolier pouch, which holds ammunition and the few personal articles he carries with him. The Wookiee's heavy pelt allows him to brave cold temperatures without the need for protective clothing.

When Chewbacca pretended to be a prisoner on board the Death Star, he stubbornly refused to take the bandolier off. The spectacle of a seven-foot prisoner wearing a fully-loaded ammunition belt drew more attention than Luke and Han would have preferred, and made the cell block officer suspicious of the ruse as soon as they walked in.

When it came time to rescue Han Solo from the clutches of Jabba the Hutt, eyes once more turned to Chewbacca, who had made such a successful "prisoner" decoy on board the Death Star. He was only talked into performing the role again due to the extremity of the situation. And so he walked into Jabba's palace in chains. But he still wouldn't take off his ammo bandolier. But as Han once rightly said, "It's not wise to upset a wookie"!