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Darth Vader

played by David Prowse

voice by James Earl Jones

Born Anakin skywalker, he was a spirited and talented child who had excepitional force potential. At an early age he became an expert pilot and fought the Clone Wars along side his mentor ObiWan Kanobi. But Skywalker was impatient... and sensing this Palpatine stepped in and offered him a quicker road.. the Dark Side of the Force. In a fierce battle a which followed between him and Kanobi, Skywalker fell into a molten pit, and emerged only to be restored in a Biomechanical suit which would sustain him.

As the new Dark Lord of the Sith, Vader was the key in the self proclaimed Emperor Palpatine hunt down and exterminate nearly all the Jedi Knights. He commanded terror and was ruthless with disobedient or simply irritating officers under him. Yet in the end in an amazing turn of events, Vader turns to the Light Side.. and his worn out body became one with the force.

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