Mon Mothma

played by Caroline Blakiston

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  Inspirational and committed to the cause of freedom in the galaxy, Senator Mon Mothma becomes the conscience as well as the leader of the Rebel Alliance. As a representative in the Galactic Senate, she was one of the youngest members ever elected. She served with vigor and integrity, and was a leader of those forces opposed to the growing power of Senator Palpatine. After Mothma's secret involvement with the Rebellion was discovered, only a tip from Bail Organa allowed her to escape from Coruscant just ahead of the Imperial secret police.

Her inspirational speeches make her a natural as the Alliance's Chief of State. The central leadership she has put in place has brought improved communications, rapid decision-making, strong lines of authority and responsibility, and greater accounting and access to critical funds, supplies, vessels and weapons. Following the Battle of Yavin and the destruction of the first Death Star, the Rebellion has grown significantly, and Mon Mothma continues to spread her beliefs about the freedom and rights of all beings.